Posted by: talesfromtheid | January 28, 2018

Insights from Jacob Collier

I see it’s been several years since I posted to this blog, so first, a quick update. I’m not consulting at the moment, since I accepted a full-time position with the US Dept. of Energy, where I am designing and developing safety training for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

But that’s not what drove me back to post to this blog. What brought me back here is a desire to share the insights offered by a remarkable young musician in a number of short interview clips posted to YouTube. The musician in question is Jacob Collier. As of this writing in 2018, he’s just 24 years old. Before I go on, if you’re not already familiar with Collier’s music, take a few minutes to watch his incredible arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s song, “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”:

As you can see, he sings all the parts, plays all the instruments, recorded the whole thing himself, and did all the video production. When he recorded that song, he was only 19 years old!

As I poked around on the internet to learn more about him, I discovered that in addition to his musical skills, he has a poise and wisdom well beyond his years. What particularly caught my attention were those times when fans would ask him about music education. He’s very articulate about his views on education and I thought readers of this blog would find them interesting and valuable.

So, here are few clips focusing specifically on Collier’s advice and views about education.

Jacob Collier on Music Education:

Jacob Collier Gives A Music Teacher Advice:

Jacob Collier on Musical Storytelling:

Jacob Collier Answers a Young Fan’s Question: “How Do I Get As Good As You?”:

Jacob Collier on Inverting Intentions:

Jacob Collier on Polyrhythm and Experiential Learning:



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