Classes I Teach at SFSU

Current: ITEC 715: Foundations of Instructional Multimedia

Description: In Foundations of Instructional Multimedia, you will learn how to create a wide variety of media, including text, hypertext, images, sound, animation, and video, plus interactivity features such as links and buttons. Equally important, you will learn how to leverage these different media in an instructional multimedia project that teaches a subject of your choosing.

Past: ITEC 745: Instructional Web Authoring I

Instructional Web Authoring I is designed for students who are interested in exploring the instructional uses of the World Wide Web. In particular, you will create a short web-based e-learning course to teach a topic of your choosing. Along the way, you will learn some real-world strategies for managing the complexity of an e-learning course, and you’ll explore some instructional design principles that are especially relevant to the creation of mediated learning.


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