Posted by: talesfromtheid | October 28, 2013

Re-engaging with Tales from the ID

After I joined Lam Research, I discovered that the company’s SharePoint implementation allowed employees to create their own blogs. So I set up a blog for myself (“The Laminated ID“) and began pioneering the art of blogging internally at Lam (almost no one else was doing it).

Blogging internally has many advantages over blogging at a public site like WordPress, though it also has some disadvantages. Obviously, the biggest disadvantage is that only other Lam employees could see my posts because The Laminated ID was hidden behind the Lam corporate firewall. But that was also its strength. I could post about the projects I was working on and I could show real examples without having to worry about giving away proprietary secrets. It was liberating.

Unfortunately, as I took up blogging internally at Lam, I let my public blog go silent, and that’s why there hasn’t been much activity here for the past 3 years.

I left Lam last month, though, so I plan to shift my blogging activity back to Tales From The ID while I re-engage in my consulting work and seek new opportunities at other companies.

If you or your company needs a good instructional designer, either for a specific project or to join your staff, please contact me. I’m available. You can click the My Resume tab next to my picture in the banner at the top of this page to download my current resume.


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